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USB Camera module 2MP

HM2057 OV2655 Sensor 2MP USB2.0 interface Cmos Micro Camera Module for webcam tablet

The CMOS Camera Module has very compact size and is widely applied in Mobile phone, Digital Still Camera, DV, PDA/Handheld, Toy, PC Camera, Security Camera, Automotive Camera, etc.

Sensor: OV2655 CMOS sensor
Pixels: 2.0mega (UXGA)
Top resolution: 1600*1200 dpi
Lens type: 1/5 inchEFL: 2.7mm
FOV: 60 degree
Distortion: less than 1.0%
Interface: USB2.0/1.1 


    ultra low power and low cost
    automatic image control functions: automatic
    exposure control (AEC), automatic white balance
    (AWB), automatic band filter (ABF), automatic 50/60
    Hz luminance detection, and automatic black level
    calibration (ABLC)
    programmable controls for frame rate, AEC/AGC
    16-zone size/position/weight control, mirror and flip,
    scaling, cropping and windowing
    image quality controls: color saturation, hue, gamma,
    sharpness (edge enhancement), lens correction,
    defective pixel canceling, and noise canceling
    support for output formats: RAW RGB, RGB565/555,
    YUV422/420 and YCbCr422
    support for images sizes: UXGA, and any arbitrary
    size scaling down from SXGA
    support for video or snapshot operations
    support for horizontal and vertical sub-sampling
    support for internal and external frame
    support for LED and flash strobe mode
    standard serial SCCB interface
    digital video port (DVP) parallel output interface
    MIPI serial output interface
    support for second camera sharing ISP and MIPI
    embedded one-time programmable (OTP) memory
    on-chip phase lock loop (PLL)
    programmable I/O drive capability
    support for black sun cancellation
    suitable for module size of 6.5mm x 6.5mm
    High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode for SVGA
    (800x600) or lower resolutions providing a dynamic
    range of ~ 85dB

    key specifications

    active array size: 1600 x 1200
    power supply:
    core: 1.5VDC + 5%
    analog: 2.45 ~ 3.0V
    I/O: 1.7 ~ 3.0V
    power requirements:
    active: 250 mW
    standby: 75 μA
    temperature range:
    operating: -20°C to 70°C
    stable image: 0°C to 50°C
    output formats (8-bit): YUV(422/420) / YCbCr422,
    RGB565/555, 8-/10-bit raw RGB data
    lens size: 1/5"
    lens chief ray angle: 25° non-linear
    input clock frequency: 6 ~ 27 and 54 MHz
    S/N ratio: 37 dB
    dynamic range: 66 dB
    maximum image transfer rate:
    UXGA (1600x1200): 15 fps for UXGA and any size
    scaling down from SXGA
    SVGA (800x600): 30 fps for SVGA and any size
    scaling down from SVGA
    sensitivity: 1030 mV/(Lux • sec)
    shutter: rolling shutter
    scan mode: progressive
    maximum exposure interval: 1235 x t ROW
    gamma correction: programmable
    pixel size: 1.75 μm x 1.75 μm
    well capacity: 7 Ke -
    dark current: 4 mV/sec @ 60°C
    fixed pattern noise (FPN): 1% of V PEAK to PEAK
    image area: 2842 μm x 2121 μm
    package dimensions: 4835 μm x 4895 μm


    cellular phones
    PC multimedia
    digital still cameras

    Compliance: CE, ROHS, ISO

    We could do OEM ODM for many choice from 0.3MP to 21MP sensors camera modules, With professional technical support, please don‘t hesitate to contact with us.

    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!


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