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USB camera module 1MP

UVC webcam No need drivers 720P 1MP USB OV9712 USB 2.0 CMOS camera module Plug and Play

The CMOS Camera Module has very compact size and is widely applied in Mobile phone, Digital Still Camera, DV, PDA/Handheld, Toy, PC Camera, Security Camera, Automotive Camera, etc.


Sensor: cmos ov9712
Pixels: 1mega pixel
Lens type: 1/4 inch
F number: 3.0
Distortion: less than 1.0%
Interface: usb
    Product Features:

    high sensitivity for low-light operation
    ultra low power and low cost
    automatic image control functions:
    - automatic exposure control (AEC)
    - automatic gain control (AGC)
    - automatic white balance (AWB)
    - automatic band filter (ABF)
    - automatic black level calibration (ABLC)
    programmable controls:
    - frame rate
    - AEC/AGC 16-zone size/position/
    weight control
    - mirror and flip
    - cropping and windowing
    image quality controls:
    - lens correction
    - defective pixel canceling
    output support for raw RGB supports
    image sizes:
    - WXGA (1280x800)
    - HD 720p (1280x720)
    - VGA (640x480)
    support for horizontal and vertical
    support for black sun cancellation
    support for internal and external
    frame cancellation
    standard serial camera control bus
    (SCCB) interface
    digital video port (DVP) parallel
    output interface
    embedded one-time programmable
    (OTP) memory
    on-chip phase lock loop (PLL)
    built-in 1.5V regulator for core

    Product Specifications:

    active array size: 1280 x 800
    power supply:
    - core: 1.5 VDC ±5%
    - analog: 3.0 ~ 3.6 V
    - I/O: 1.7 ~ 3.6 V
    power requirements:
    - active: 110 mW
    - standby: 50 μA
    temperature range:
    - operating: -30°C to 70°C
    - stable image: 0°C to 50°C
    output formats: 10-bit RAW RGB
    lens size: 1/4"
    lens chief ray angle: 25° non-linear
    input clock frequency: 6 ~ 27 MHz
    dynamic range: 69 dB
    maximum image transfer rate:
    - WXGA (1280x800): 30 fps
    - HD 720p (1280x720): 30 fps
    - VGA (640x480): 60 fps
    sensitivity: 3300 mV/(lux-sec)
    S/N ratio: 39 dB
    maximum exposure interval:
    826 x tROW
    pixel size: 3 μm x 3 μm
    well capacity: 13 Ke-
    dark current: 20 mV/s @ 60°C
    image area: 3888 μm x 2430 μm
    package/die dimensions:
    - CSP2: 5415 μm x 4415 μm
    - COB: 5430 μm x 4430 μm


    Mobile Phones
    Digital Still Cameras

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