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Strives for the survival by the quality
Shenzhen V-Vision Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. Our company specializes in R&D, production and sales ON cmos camera module.
Our company has a professional and continuously trained high-quality research and development, design and production team, strict technical standards and quality assurance system, fundamentally ensure that we can timely, stable, high-quality to provide customers with perfect products and services, to meet the needs of customers on different products.
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Shenzhen V-Vision Technology Co., Ltd
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We can meet the needs of customers different products


The first time know V - Vision of the latest information


Camera Modules classifications...

Cameras modules are divided into digital camera module and analog camera module...


Camera Module Technical Indicators...

Commonly used image resolution: 21 million pixels (5344X4016) 16 million pixels (4608X3408) 13 million pixels (...


The Camera module Working Principle...

The working principle of camera module is roughly as follows: the optical image generated by the lens...