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CMOS Camera Module 1MP

720p 1MP 1/4inch 150 160 FOV Wide Lens Camera Module OV9712 Infrared Night Vision CMOS Sensor For Doorbell Face Recognition Devices

720p Wide Lens Camera Module OV9712 Infrared Night Vision CMOS Sensor For Doorbell Face Recognition Devices

V-VISION provides high quality camera modules with professional OEM design and manufacturing services to customers worldwide. We are carrying OmniVision, Sony, Samsung, Hynix, GalaxyCore...

The main application areas: mobile phone, digital still camera, laptop, DV, PDA/handheld, toy, PC camera, security camera, automotive camera, tablet pc, visual doorbell, medical system, smart home, industrial image, recognition system, fingerprint identification system ...
      Shenzhen V-Vision Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. Our company specializes in R&D, production and sales of CMOS camera modules.
      Our company has a professional and continuously trained high-quality research and development, design and production team, strict technical standards and quality assurance system, fundamentally ensure that we can timely, stable, high-quality to provide customers with perfect products and services, to meet the needs of customers different products.
      The company strives for the survival by the quality, strives for the development by the innovation, strives for the prestige by the good faith the management idea, provides the low cost, the high quality camera module product for the customer.
      Principles of corporate strategy
      1. Meet customers‘ requirements and make customers satisfied
      Our success depends on the satisfaction of our customers.
      We are committed to achieving outstanding results in all aspects of our business.
      Only when we understand the needs, requirements and expectations of customers, only when we can meet and exceed customer expectations in all aspects of performance, than we can make customer satisfaction.
      2. Provide accurate products and services on time
      Every employee has the responsibility to ensure the quality of their work.
      Our goal is to reduce the nonconforming rate of our products and services to zero, while speeding up the turnaround.
      We measure, feedback and drive improvements to the business through a common set of standards
      We adopt systematic corrective and preventive measures to eliminate every possible problem.
      3. Continuous improvement
      Identify and promote best practices throughout the company, and continually encourage employees to seek opportunities for innovation and improvement.
      Also provide good training and opportunities.

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