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Camera Module Technical Indicators

Time:2023-11-08 Views:441
 1. The commonly used image resolution for cmos camera module :
 21 million pixels (5344*4016)
 16 million pixels(4608*3408)
 13million pixels(4208*3120)
 11million pixels (4080*2720)
  8 million pixels (3264*2488)
  5 million pixels(2592*1944)
  2 million pixels(1920*1080), aslo known as 1080p
  1 million pixels(800*600), also known as 720p
VGA (640*480), also known as 300000 pixels
CIF (352*28, also known as 100000 pixels)

2.Image Format/Color Space(RGB24) and I420 are currently the two most commonly used image formats.
RGB24: Refers to 8 bits each for R,G, and B colors, which can represent up to 256 levels of intensity, thus reproducing 256*256*256 colors.
I420: One of the YUV formats.

Other formats include: RGB 565, RGB 444, YUV 4:2:2,etc.

3. Automatic white balance Adjustment  Definition: It is required to illuminate white objects in different color temperature environments, and the image on the screen should also be white. Color temperature represents the spectral composition and the color of light. A low color temperature indicates a high composition of long wave light.

When the color temperature changes, the proportion of the three primary colors( red,green and blue) in the light source will change. It is necessary to adjust the proportion of the three primary colors to achieve color balance, which is the actual principle of white balance adjustment.

4.Image compression method JPEG static image compression method. A lossy image compression method. The higher the compression ratio, the worse the image quality. When the image accuracy requirement is not high and the storage space is limited, this format can be chosen. Currently, most digital cameras use JPEG format.

5. Color depth (number of color digits) Reflecting the ability to recognize colors and the color representation ability of imaging.The actual quantization accuracy of an A/D converter refers to how many levels the signal is divided into. Commonly used color bit representation. The higher the color depth, the more vibrant and moving the obtained image color.

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