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The Camera module Working Principle

Time:2023-11-08 Views:458
  The working principle of a camera module is roughly as follows: the optical image generated by lens LENS is projected onto the surface of the image sensor, converted into an electrical signal, and converted into a digital signal processing chip(DSP) for processing. It is then transmitted to a computer through a USB interface for processing, and the image can be seen through the display.
  Note 1: An image sensor is a semiconductor chip that contains hundreds millions of photodiodes on its surface. When a photodiode is illuminated by light, it generates an electric charge.

Note 2: The function of the digital signal process chip DSP is mainly to optimize the parameters of digital image signals through a series of complex mathematical algorithm operations, and transmit the processed signals to devices such as PC through USB and other interfaces. DPS architecture framework: 1.ISP(camera module image signal processor). 2, JPEG encoder. 3. USB device controller