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Camera Modules classifications

Time:2023-11-14 Views:454
    Camera Modules are divided into digital camera module and analog camera. Analog camera can convert the analog video signal generated by video acquisition equipment into digital signal, and then store it in computer. The video signal captured by the analog camera module must be converted into digital mode by special video capture card and compressed before it can be converted to the computer for using. Digital camera module can capture images directly, and then transmit them in the computer through serial port, parallel port or USB interface. At present, the camera module in the computer market are mainly digital camera modules. and the digital cameras are mainly USB digital camera modules with new data transmission interfaces. At present, most of the products on the market are of this kind. In addition, the is a product that works with video capture card, but it is not the mainstream recently.

      Due to the rapid popularization of personal computers and the high overall cost of analog camera modules, the transmission speed of USB interface is much higher than that of serial port and parallel port, so now the market focus is mainly on digital camera modules with USB interface.

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